cosmo trade and service co.,ltd.

Our Business


Middle East Business
We have overseas offices in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Dubai (UAE) and Doha (Qatar). We supply catering service, Japanese food products and miscellaneous goods in the Middle East. Our unswerving commitment to quality in service & products has helped the company to consolidate itself as the largest supplier of Japanese food products in the Middle East."LinkIconContact us"
Industrial and Environmental Equipment
As energy saving, cost saving and environmental protection are essential requirements for today's industries, we supply oil analyzing/testing machines, FULL-AUTOMATIC ASPHALTENE ANALYZER、oil boom winders, oil dispersant, waste water and waste oil treatment equipment, TAKE GEN, materials for regular maintenance of oil refineries."LinkIconFULL-AUTOMATIC ASPHALTENE ANALYZER"
Construction Business
We design, construct and maintain architectual structure such as gas station. We have supplied ASHFORD FORMULA as sole agent in Japan. We also propose high performance construction materials such as heat shield painting, COSMO CIELO."LinkIconAshfordformula"
Industrial Materials
Appling petrochemical skills of Cosmo Group, we supply petrochemical materials including chemicals for laundry, PETROSOL P-1S and industrial detergent, PETROSOL MC.
Medical equipment
As a manufacturer of aseptic equipment for medical use, we have supplied our products to all the hospitals in Japan for more than 30 years. We make suggestions for aseptic treatment rooms, and supply products that suit customers' purposes.
Telecommunication service
We propose appropriate communication circumstance by using mobile phones. In Nagoya, we run several mobile shops. We also supply emergency communication tools for Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and disaster control.
Insurance Business
We suggest various types of insurance that meet corporate needs and suit customers' lifestyles. Our services include advice on insurance, proposal of the most suitable insurance for each customer's requirements, assistance for customers from their viewpoint in reconsidering their currant insurance, support for life planning, counseling for insured accident, response to accidents through a reliable and advanced support system and etc.
Sanitary products
As sole agent of The Dodge Company in Japan, we supply embalming products for preservation of bodies.
Travel Business
Including reservations for domestic and overseas tickets and accommodation, we make comprehensive arrangements for business, personal & group trips.
Car Care Business
We supply products with suggestions of effective sales methods at service stations. We also introduce tools & novelties useful for sales promotion.